Weston ACORN demands O’Shanter Development to give the money back to the tenants of 3000 Yonge Street!

Posted November 4, 2021

Great action on November 2 by the #WESTON ACORN members at 3000 Yonge Street!

O’Shanter Development is denying a rent reduction to the tenants who are entitled to get it as per the notice from the LTB and also are charging back to back Above the Guideline Rent increases. Tenants still have maintenance issues, work orders being ignored, pest issues and heating issues! What are they paying so much rent for ? Many tenants are having to spend their own money to fix their units. 

ACORN members and the tenants of 3000 Yonge Street are sick and tired of unaffordable rental units and the injustice by O'Shanter Development Company Ltd towards the long term tenants. Tenants shared their experiences and collectively delivered a letter to the management with all the demands as a tenant union! The action was covered by City TV and iheart radio reached out as well. 

ACORN members are fighting back 📣🚨

Listen to the interview on iHeart Radio 



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