Waterfront Media HFX: ACORN Held A Rally In Dartmouth In Support Of A Family They Say Are Being Wrongly Evicted At The End Of October

Posted October 6, 2020

ACORN held a rally in Dartmouth. Below is their description on what it was all about.

“David, his two children, his mother, and brother are all facing eviction at the end of October as their landlord and property manager have chosen not to renew their fixed-term lease.
Their reason? “Tenant is calling HRM Bi Law to complain about issues rather than telling us about the issues.” David called the city and residential tenancies after the landlord refused to do anything about unsafe conditions in his unit, now they’re forcing his family out!
This is unacceptable! All this family wants is to pay their rent and live in peace! We’re rallying outside Ansell’s office to demand they sign David on to a year-to-year lease at the same rent, fix the problems identified in his building by the city, and stop evicting families in the middle of a global pandemic!”


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