Victory for Rexdale ACORN members at Ontario Court of Justice

Posted October 5, 2015

Rexdale ACORN members were in court on Thursday over longstanding grievances with the appointed administrator of their condo building, Joe Vero. Mr. Vero had been spending millions of the residents’ dollars without accountability or transparency. ACORN members got organized when Mr. Vero sent them huge and unexpected charges in August, and held an action at his office demanding a meeting. 

Mr. Vero agreed to the meeting but announced he would be extending his term as administrator and continuing with his shenanigans. At this point ACORN members and the condo board of directors took him to court to end his administration of the property. After much deliberation, the judge ended Mr. Vero’s term, effective immediately. Rexdale ACORN leader May Htut is pictured celebrating with other members and residents.