Victory for Grassroots Organizing! ACORN Welcomes Ontario Housing Regulations

Posted April 11, 2018

ACORN members are pleased to see the new regulations put forward by Ontario Minister of Housing, Peter Milczyn. These regulations are proof that grassroots organizing works. After a long and hard fight for affordable housing by ACORN and other allies, the Province has listened and are handing over the tools to create affordable housing to the municipalities.

Alejandra Ruiz-Vargas, Ontario ACORN Housing spokesperson says, “The government listened to the community and ACORN looks forward to ensuring these new municipal tools will be used to create the desperately needed affordable housing in Ontario’s cities. We are pleased to see, in these Inclusionary Zoning regulations, Ontario giving the municipalities options and flexibility to create affordable housing that is appropriate to local needs.”

Now that municipalities across the province will have the tools to increase affordable housing, ACORN is committed to ensuring that these tools are used effectively. We must hold the cities to account to secure housing that meets the needs of low and moderate income Ontarians. This includes redefining “affordable housing”, to guarantee that the definition used will meet the needs of our most marginalized community members.

Contact / (647) 204 2767; / (416) 996 6401; or / (613) 447 4270 for more information or to speak to an ACORN spokesperson.