Victory for Burnaby ACORN in the Fight for Tenant Protections!

Posted August 1, 2019

ACORN and its allies have come together this Monday (July 29) to stand in support of the proposal of Mayor Hurley’s Housing Committee with a rally outside of the Burnaby City Hall. The rally, counting over 50 participants, was a resounding success of tenancy advocacy and the first step toward securing our communities from displacement!
The proposal, voted to resounding support by city council, has been deemed the “strongest protections offered to tenants in Canada” and is a success of paramount importance for ACORN and all of our members and allies who have fought hard year after year for it.
This victory would not have been possible without the tireless work of our local leaders, first and foremost Murray Martin who has held a pivotal role in securing this victory.
The recommendations offered by the Housing Committee include:
1) 1 to 1 replacement for all demolished units
2) Rent top up for all tenants displaced from 6+ units buildings up to 3 years
3) Rights of First Refusal on all new units build in demolished buildings 
4) 4 Months notice 
5) Temporary accommodation provided to all tenants of comparable size and location 
6) Moving assistance up to 1000 dollars 
7) Special considerations be used for tenants with disabilities
8) The creation of a Rental Housing Coordinator office to serve as arbitration between tenants and companies with no profit motive 
9) Creation of an affordable housing registry and a landlord registry
This is a major step toward a better Burnaby run for the people and by the people, furthermore it is a crucial piece of legislation which will inspire and inform all regulations to take place in British Columbia from this day!
A mighty win for the mighty mighty ACORN


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