Toronto ACORN

Toronto ACORN was founded in 2004, with the first organized group in Canada being formed in Weston / Mt Dennis after tenants took their slum-lord to task and won $250,000 in rent abatements.  In the next ten years Toronto ACORN spread to every part of the city leading the fight and winning significant victories including raising the minimum wage; strengthening of the enforcement of apartment building standards; regulating the payday loan industry in Canada; and countless improvements in our neighbourhoods.  In the next year we plan to fight for a new Residential Tenancy Act; to turn up the heat on predatory lenders that sell consolidation loans; to continue our fight to get the city of Toronto to license all landlords in the city; and to keep the pressure on to close the digital divide.

Toronto ACORN has local meetings in your neighbourhood and they are always open for new people to get involved. Join Toronto ACORN now!



REMI Network: Toronto approves controversial Inclusionary Zoning policy

Posted November 11, 2021

Toronto City Council has adopted the new Inclusionary Zoning policy framework that has been the subject of major contention throughout the past decade. Though tenant groups such as ACORN have long advocated for a plan that would see more affordable units introduced into the market, they are not convinced the new policy goes far enough.