Toronto ACORN

Toronto ACORN was founded in 2004, with the first organized group in Canada being formed in Weston / Mt Dennis after tenants took their slum-lord to task and won $250,000 in rent abatements.  In the next ten years Toronto ACORN spread to every part of the city leading the fight and winning significant victories including raising the minimum wage; strengthening of the enforcement of apartment building standards; regulating the payday loan industry in Canada; and countless improvements in our neighbourhoods.  In the next year we plan to fight for a new Residential Tenancy Act; to turn up the heat on predatory lenders that sell consolidation loans; to continue our fight to get the city of Toronto to license all landlords in the city; and to keep the pressure on to close the digital divide.

Toronto ACORN has local meetings in your neighbourhood and they are always open for new people to get involved. Join Toronto ACORN now!



Weston ACORN members demand Barney River to fix 1440-14442 Lawrence Avenue West! Healthy homes now!!

Posted March 15, 2022

Weston ACORN members held a Healthy Homes Action on Tuesday March 8th outside 1440-1442 Lawrence Avenue West! The tenants of 1440-1442 Lawrence Avenue West, are facing various issues like repairs not being done, work orders being ignored for years, pest issues, broken and old appliances, and yet tenants are being charged with rent increases.

Waterloo Record: Opinion: Toronto budget should look out for needs of tenants

Posted February 14, 2022

The budget committee of Toronto city council, on Feb. 7, voted down a motion from Coun. Mike Layton to increase funding to ensure low and moderate income tenants have healthy homes. ACORN members and allies have been fighting for a 2022 budget that puts the needs of those hardest hit by COVID-19 front and centre. What we’ve gotten has been a $26-million increase in the police budget and not much else.