Toronto Affordable Housing Action for Seniors - Seniors deserve respect and dignity!

Posted September 15, 2021

East York ACORN members held an action beside 1046 Danforth Avenue on September 14, as yet another condo is being built at Donlands and Danforth that’s just not affordable for fixed income people! Seniors are facing financial insecurity which has been made worse by the pandemic.

ACORN members gathered together to fight for REAL affordable housing NOW, and called on all Federal Parties to prioritize building and protecting real affordable housing. The action was led by ACORN members, who shared their experiences, and how none of these new condos being built are something people on fixed income can afford! Which is why ACORN members are demanding the Federal Government step up for seniors! 

Members were joined by Councillor Paula Fletcher, Federal candidate for Beaches- East York, Alejandra Ruiz Vargas, and Federal candidate for Toronto- Danforth, Clare Hacksel. 


CTV News: From the ballot box: affordable housing in the GTA (VIDEO)



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