Toronto ACORN welcomes John Tory to City Hall with a reality check on high rise housing

Posted December 5, 2014

A few dozen ACORN representatives from across Toronto descended on City Hall with a holiday present for new Mayor John Tory.  And we hope it was a present he won't forget over the next four years.
The lively action was led by St Jamestown ACORN Chair Eddie Lantz, and ACORN Canada President Marva Burnett. Inside the present were 2,800 tenant complaints of violations of the city's apartment standards bylaws, and a warm, yet firm, invitation for the new Mayor to sit down to talk about how the city needs to do more to protect the massive population of tenants in this city.  
From bug infestations on Kipling Ave in Etobicoke, to water leaks on Danforth Rd in Scarborough, the city's refusal to develop a inspection and enforcement system that proactively prevents landlords' neglect of our rented homes left ACORN with no other choice.  We needed to send a firm message that this is not only unacceptable, but also detrimental to the future of the City of Toronto. 
We look forward to meeting with the Mayor in the near future.
Press from the action:
Here is some background on our members and staff's canvass for complaints that we did over the summer and fall:
This summer ACORN organizers knocked on doors in 105 buildings across Toronto asking tenants to sign as a supporter for the Healthy Homes campaign and collecting property standard violations. ACORN spoke with 4500 tenants, 2300 of which signed their name. Of the tenants spoken to 1/3 of tenants reported at least one violation and the majority who reported had multiple violations to report. In total ACORN organizers collected 2800 property standard violations, clearly demonstrating the current enforcement regime is not working for tenants.