Toronto ACORN Update

Photo 2013-02-05 02.55.56 PMIn 2009, because of the work of ACORN members across Toronto, the city created an audit program to inspect high rise rental housing throughout the city. For the first time in history, city inspectors fanned out to every large apartment building in the city. Ten of millions of dollars in badly needed repairs were completed as a result. Now, Toronto ACORN members are working to build on their success and make sure the city continues to do the work needed to keep rental housing safe and clean.

On March 2nd, ACORN members from across Toronto will gather for a leadership school. They'll teach each other about organizing at a neighborhood level, and they'll make plans for local campaigns and our provincial campaign to raise the minimum wage. Call the office if you can support the leadership school, or if you'd like to participate.

On March 14th Toronto ACORN members will celebrate their successful organizing over the past year with a potluck and reception. Get in touch with the Toronto office if you'd like to support the event or participate.