Toronto ACORN Rally: Seniors Deserve Healthy Homes! DMS - Stop Neglecting Seniors

Posted October 8, 2020

Today ACORN members and tenants of 100 and 110 Unity Rd gathered in front of DMS Property Management head office to deliver a letter of community demands and speak up about the injustices they are facing as tenants. 
DMS Property Management has been ranked the largest residential property manager in Canada. They are owned by Tridel, one of the country’s biggest developers. “DMS boasts an excellent reputation built on a determination to provide innovative, high-quality service” as per their website - however, the tenants of 100 and 110 Unity Rd are being neglected and suffering in unlivable conditions. Residents of this non-profit seniors’ housing have been suffering from ongoing bedbug infestations, lack of maintenance and repairs, and harassment from building management spanning over years.
ACORN member Christena Abbott hand-delivered a letter to office staff demanding the following:
  • 100 and 110 Unity Rd are immediately given effective pest control treatment, including sealing gaps and cracks in units, with assistance provided free of charge for tenants who are not physically able to prep their unit
  • Proper, immediate maintenance and repairs for all units and monthly meetings with building management and tenants to consult and answer questions
  • The demands from the previous meeting with building management in January are immediately followed through with
ACORN member Carol Bailey says, "I believe that DMS should be taken to court for their negligence, ongoing and to an incredible degree.  Anything less and they will continue as in the past, to pretend to do their job on the surface while continuing to put PROFITS BEFORE PEOPLE.  People are suffering immensely at a time in their lives when they are most vulnerable.  I cannot express enough how cruel these continuing offences are on most of us, but particularly on the very fragile and very elderly...on people who need support but cannot get it."
Tenants from other non-profit seniors' DMS buildings also showed up in support and with similar complaints. 




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