Toronto ACORN Presents Easy Financial with the Cold Heart Award

Posted March 2, 2020

ACORN members have been fighting to end predatory lending. Members of Toronto ACORN decided to take on Easy Financial, known for giving out loans with exorbitant interest rates. On this Valentine's Day on February 14th, braving the coldest day of the season, members were outside the Easy Financial store to demand immediate action by the company to lower the interest rate and stop ripping off low-income people by pushing unwanted products such as insurance. We gave a COLD HEART award to people at the store for preying on vulnerable people. Not surprisingly, we were not let inside the store but members were determined and we still handed our Award and demands to the store representatives.
We want Fair Banking NOW! We will continue our fight against these predatory lenders. The Scarborough Mirror did a detailed article featuring the story of our Scarborough member, Sal Costa, who has been reeling under the pressure of an instalment loan that he took from Easy Financial. Here is his story:


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