Toronto ACORN Municipal Election Report Card - Healthy Homes

Posted October 22, 2014

ACORN has been fighting for healthy homes for a long time, and we have seen some successes.  Real tangible victories, such as the building audit program and the improved ways that tenants can make property standards violations, were a direct result of all of our work fighting to license landlords. 
In this Mayoral election we have done our best to push all mayoral candidates to support landlord licensing and finally make a comprehensive and well funded property standard enforcement system in Toronto.  
We have had actions, met with Olivia Chow, had Rob Ford visit our buildings and members informally, and co-hosted a Mayoral Forum on Housing last Friday evening that many of you attended - all in an effort to cut through the normal day-to-day campaigning of politicians, and getting them to take a position, for or against, our campaign for healthy homes. 
Here are the positions of the the three main candidates for Mayor.  It is clear, since her recent policy announcement on how to protect tenants, that Olivia Chow has by far the best plan to protect tenants by listening directly to our call for creating a system of enforcement that would financially  punish landlords who are breaking the law.   While not perfect, Olivia Chow is at least talking about systematically dealing with bad landlords that plague our city while Doug Ford talks about it, and visits buildings with some success, and John Tory skips our debate and has not mentioned this as a an issue at all. 
Election day is Monday, Oct 27th.  Don't forget to vote!
Below is a list of candidates in Ward around the city that have endorsed our Healthy Homes Demands:
Ward 6 - Russ Ford
Ward 17 - Alejandra Bravo
Ward 36 - Robert Spencer
Ward 32 - Janet Davis
Ward 8 - Anthony Perruzza
Ward 20 - Joe Cressy
Ward 19 - Mike Layton
Ward 31 - Janet Davis
Ward 34 - Mary Hynes