Toronto ACORN Members Rally to #FreePeter!

Posted August 5, 2019

21 ACORN members and allies rallied outside 23 Division in Etobicoke Thursday night in response to the arrest of ACORN leader Peter D'Gama. Peter was arrested at ACORNs community meeting and charged with assault with a weapon - the weapon being a piece of paper! Beforehand, the property manager from 2645 Kipling disrupted the meeting - trying to intimidate members and residents from speaking up about the conditions in their building. 
Faisal Hassan, MPP of York South Weston, came out to show his support and made a speech to the crowd, demanding the charges be dropped! 
Members delivered a letter to Superintendent Ron Taverner - asking why none of the 18 people present at the meeting were asked for witness statements and why Peter was held over night.
From there, members attended the Toronto Police Townhall at the Rexdale Hub that was happening at the same time, to ask questions about Peter's arrest. Officers met with members after the meeting to answer questions but weren't able to comment further on the case.
No more intimidation of ACORN members, who are standing up for healthy homes and affordable housing!



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