Toronto ACORN Members Push Back for Strong Inclusionary Zoning at City Hall

Toronto ACORN Inclusionary Zoning

Posted May 28, 2019

ACORN came out with a report today looking at Inclusionary Zoning best practices across North America. The city came out with a proposed plan that has been weakened by developer lobbyists.
The proposed plan would only keep new units built through Inclusionary zoning at affordable rates for 25 years. It also had low set aside rates ranging from 2.5% to 20% of additional density being kept as affordable units for low and moderate income people. And it excluded large parts of the city from the plan, meaning Scarborough and Weston would get no affordable units.
ACORN members were joined by Councillors Mike Layton and Kristyn Wong Tam to fight for stronger proposals, in order to start the discussion off right.
ACORN's demands included: 
-A minimum of 20%-30% of all new developments be set aside as affordable
-Affordable units be kept affordable forever, not 25 years
-Inclusionary Zoning policies must include all parts of the city.
You can still sign the petition to show your support for STRONG Inclusionary Zoning policies, and get involved as ACORN ramps up its targetted munipal campaign to win city council support.



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