Toronto ACORN Liveable Housing Forum

November 5th, 2008 - Toronto ACORN will be holding a Livable Housing Forum on Saturday, November 8th at 1pm at the Main Square Community Center (245 Main St., just south of Danforth).  The event is a part of ACORN's campaign to License Landlords in Toronto in the most effective way possible.

Toronto's neighborhoods are riddled with sub-standard living conditions forcing tenants to put up with black mold, bed bugs, and a lack of repairs, cleaning and maintenance.  Toronto ACORN members have been holding rallies and actions at slum-buildings around the city for 3 years to pressure the city to hold landlords accountable to their tenants.

City Hall is going to decide soon whether we get a strong licensing system or a weak one.  Toronto ACORN members demand to be heard!  We are inviting every city councilor in Toronto to attend the event.

Toronto ACORN member Natalie Huindt explains: “We are disgusted by our surroundings.  Something has got to change and nothing will unless we put pressure on the landlords’ wallets.  ACORN is the voice of over 10,000 residents across this city.  The councilors will be neglecting their jobs if they don’t come, they are obligated to hear our voices.”

Another tenant and Toronto ACORN member Bacqui Ghazi states that “There is a crisis of accommodation in this city.  We want the city to hear about these problems directly from the mouths of the people living in these conditions.”

For the past three years Toronto ACORN has been fighting to establish a licensing system that would hold landlords accountable for providing safe and properly maintained living conditions for low to moderate income tenants, including a rent escrow account.