Toronto ACORN Launches Resist Renoviction Demands

Toronto ACORN renovictions

Posted November 11, 2019

Over 30 ACORN members, allies, and politicians braved the cold to resist renovictions and demand solutions from the City of Toronto for the rash of renovictions happening across Toronto. ACORN members gathered outside of 245 Logan Avenue where the new owner of the 3 story low rise rental building had been offering buyings and trying to unfairly evict long term tenants from their affordable housing.
Tenants from the building spoke about the commodification of housing, and predatory real estate investors trying to squeeze out low and moderate income tenants from their homes. ACORN leaders spoke of recent victories in the cities of Burnaby & New Westminster, British Columbia and ACORN's plan to bring the demands to Toronto City Council.
After the speeches members marched along Queen Street chanting, handing out fliers and getting petitioned signed to let the community know ACORN would be helping tenants resist renovictions.


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