Toronto ACORN Deeply Concerned about Mammoliti /Greenwin Sweetheart Rent Deal

As a membership organization of low to moderate income people in Toronto, we find it extremely concerning - but not that surprising - that City Councillors representing our membership would be receiving financial gifts from one of the city's largest developers, the Greenwin-Verdiroc group.
Elected officials are supposed to represent the best interests of  their constituents. By taking money through subsidized rent from Greenwin and Verdiroc they clearly have motivation to do just the opposite, as ACORN members who lived under their management know all too well. 
That Giorgio Mammoliti of Ward 7 and David Shiner of Ward 24 are receiving thousands of dollars in rent subsidies from one of the city's largest developers/landlords is directly concerning to the many ACORN members who are renters in this city.  
Some of our members live in Toronto Community Housing - like our National President Kay Bisnath.  For some time our members have had problems with how Greenwin Property Management conducts business when under contract by TCHC.  To learn that a sitting councillor representing tenants in TCHC buildings would be getting sweet deals while they live in substandard conditions managed by the same company is extremely troubling.
Another significant group of ACORN members live in privately run apartment buildings that are also run by Greenwin property management. ACORN has been instrumental in getting the City of Toronto to beef up enforcement protocols for building standards in rental apartment buildings.  It's one of our organization’s main accomplishments in Toronto. Greenwin, being a major player in running apartment buildings, has a strong financial interest against having proper enforcement of maintenance standards.  It's not hard for our membership to imagine what Greenwin gets in return from Giorgio Mammoliti and David Shiner.
ACORN members will not forget this, and will work hard to remind voters in Ward 7 and Ward 24 that both David Shiner and Giorgio Mammoliti were getting such a sweet deal from such an unsavory place.