Toronto ACORN: Chalkfarm Tenant Speakout!

Toronto ACORN Healthy Homes Chalkfarm

Posted October 27, 2020

Last Saturday, October 24, ACORN members from York West had a tenant speakout at Chalkfarm. Jill Barnes, a member of ACORN has been having many issues that concerned lack of repairs and pest issues. The building is owned by Greenwin who is trying to win an appeal to get an infill condo building in front of the apartments. One of her biggest concerns was that her closet doors were in need of repairs and they have used the excuse of COVID for not coming into her unit. This led to a head injury and having a closet door not being repaired for months. 
The members decided to plan a tenant speakout for the four buildings that were in desperate need of repairs. All four buildings at Chalkfarm are going through similar issues as our member. The elevators are constantly not working properly, pest infestations have not been properly treated by the management team, and many other issues as well. Another issue of complaint also revolves around the office hours. In order to put complaints or letters in for these repairs to be made have been shortened. This is because a lot of the working class tenants are not able to make it in the middle of the afternoon to put in their complaints. Therefore, our leaders Kemba and Shelley Ann lead the march down from 160 Chalkfarm to 180 in order to put in a demand letter stating that the issues of repairs and pest must be met. 
The city councillor staff, Matias de Dovitiis, gave a speech on the importance of maintaining buildings for tenants. Tenants have come down to talk about the issues at hand and gladly joined the march to show their dedication in fighting for healthy homes.  



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