Toronto ACORN Members Look Forward to Working With City Staff on Landlord Licensing After Key Vote June 8th

Posted June 9, 2016

After twelve years of repeated calls from ACORN’s membership across the City, Toronto City Council finally voted on Wednesday June 8th to begin creating a landlord licensing system with real protections for tenants. This vote was won despite heavy lobbying from the landlord lobby who spent thousands of dollars on a misinformation campaign over a few days leading into the vote. 
The current status quo of building inspections and the MRAB audit program is not working effectively. Tenants need a proactive inspection system with real teeth to crack down on and find bad landlords and ensure basic health and safety standards for all. ACORN members are happy that this critical campaign is moving forward. 
Scarborough ACORN Chair and ACORN Canada President, Marva Burnett gives this statement:
“ACORN members are happy that landlord licensing has moved to the next step.
Now we get to work with the City and responsible landlords to develop a landlord licensing system. We have some great ideas from our members across Toronto about what needs to be included in a licensing regime. Tenants in Toronto can rest assured that we are going to fight to get the best ideas in there. 
This includes: proper pest treatment, how to ensure heat will be on in winter, and also how the city can effectively monitor in suite violations through a real tenant engagement and outreach program. These are our homes where we raise our families. We thank city council for recognizing the need for real protections for tenants.”