Tenants win after month long campaign in Mississauga

Posted May 4, 2017

After a month long campaign against their landlord, the residents of 100 and 120 Dundas St East in Mississauga are getting results. 
Adriana Keresztes - the Regional Vice President, Central Canada at Northview Apartment REIT -  agreed to ACORN's list of demands at a thorough and productive negotiation session yesterday. 
Included in the understanding was the following:  
  • Appliances that are not working will be replaced with new appliances.
  • Northview's corporate office would review the performance and conducts of the building staff, ensuring that tenants are treated with the respect they deserve and that regular cleaning of the building is performed at a professional level. 
  • Elevator service will be immediately improved.
  • 24 hour hotline for tenants would be made available for all tenants to report emergency repairs.
  • All individual work orders brought forth by ACORN at the meeting will be dealt with immediately. 
  • ACORN represents all tenants in the buildings.
ACORN members agreed to take Northview's commitments in good faith and to communicate the agreement to all tenants in the building.  A follow up meeting will be scheduled in 8 weeks time with Adriana Keresztes. 
Both the Cooksville ACORN Chair and Secretary - Marcia Powell and Cindy Whitwell  - led the meeting.  They did a masterful job of gathering and communicating tenants concerns with force and clarity to the top of NorthVeiw's corporate ladder. 
Interested in hearing more, or about getting organized on an issue that affects you?  Cooksville Chapter Meetings happen at 6:30PM on the 3rd Thursday of every month at the Cooksville United Church.  This month's meeting is on May 18th.