Tell Doug Ford to Ban COVID19 Evictions!

Posted December 17, 2020

Today Ontario ACORN members from Hamilton, Ottawa, Sudbury and London got together to demand that Doug Ford take emergency action to ban evictions during COVID19 by approving the motion put forward by MPP Suze Morrison. 
At ACORN’s last provincial action we were joined by MPP Suze Morrison and demanded an eviction ban in Ontario! Since then Morrison put forward a motion to ban evictions in Ontario that received unanimous support from the Legislature. Doug Ford has the power to approve this immediately but hasn’t done so. Right now talks about the motion are scheduled to happen in February. Low to moderate income people can’t wait until February.
We called into Premier Ford, Housing Minister Steve Clark, Attorney General Doug Downey and Hamilton Ontario’s only Conservative MPP Donna Skelly. 
The action was led by Hamilton Mountain chair Veronica Gonzalez and co-chair Marnie Schurter.



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