Petition for City of Ottawa policies that create and maintain affordable housing


We're calling on the City to:

  • Use Inclusionary Zoning powers to obtain long-term, deeply affordable housing from all new developments;
  • Ensure one-for-one replacement of rental units of a similar size, with right of first refusal for existing tenants to move back into the new building at no more than the existing rent plus the annual allowable rent increase guideline and similar bedroom size;
  • Ensure that all available government-owned land within 1km of current and future rapid transit stations are used for non-profit and co-op housing;
  • Create a 2019-2022 Term of-Council Priority that integrates transit and planning, with clear, affordable housing targets;
  • Commit at least $12 million/year of City funding, over and above federal and provincial grants, to build new affordable housing.