Take Action to Win a Living Wage Bylaw

The first major vote by Ottawa City Council is happening at the Community and Protective Services Committee this coming Monday.

Winning this vote is essential to keeping the campaign on track.

To help build momentum to win this vote, and all the votes to follow we're launching a new website - ottawalivingwage.ca - that will help keep the pressure up on Councilors to ensure they vote to support Living Wages.

Can you spend 3 minutes and send a message to the Councilors on the Community and Protective Services Committee and urge them to support the Living Wage related motion coming up for vote on June 1st? Just click here or follow the link below.

http://www.ottawalivingwage.ca/ >>

p.s we're going to be using ottawalivingwage.ca to keep up the pressure as City Councilors vote at the various committees' so check back often!