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“I see poverty ahead of me,” - The Globe & Mail: Boom, Bust and Economic Headaches

Gisele Bouvier is already struggling at age 65. She was laid off from her information technology job in the federal government at age 62 and ate through a big part of her savings as she waited to collect OAS and CPP benefits this year. Now living on $26,000 in annual income – half of which goes toward rent on her Ottawa duplex – most optional spending like cable TV and Internet service is out of reach. She listens to a lot of radio and volunteers her free time to work with anti-poverty group Acorn, which tries to secure affordable house for low-income earners. “I see poverty ahead of me,” she says. “You worry for the future. You live with this worry, and you say, ‘Oh well, maybe I won’t live that long.’”

Globe & Mail: The real way to support Canadian families this campaign? Make life easier for single moms

This is the Election That Forgot Poor People, squarely devoted to the middle class. Between stimulus spending, income-splitting, and tax breaks for housing renovations and Rotary Club memberships, the single mom who can’t afford a home (let alone new kitchen counters) and has no spousal income to split, sits on the sidelines, hoping, at least, for a smaller child-care bill.