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Halifax Media Co-op: ACORN NS responds to health minister Glavine's comments

ACORN Nova Scotia has released a letter criticizing Minister of Health and Wellness Leo Glavine (MLA of Kings West) for his February article in the Kings County Register. It dares him to try living on income assistance for six months in order to see “how hard it is to pay your regular bills and buy healthy food that will last month to month.”

Ottawa: Reverse the Cuts!

Ottawa ACORN members are taking action this Friday! Social Assistance is already inadequate, and after the recent social assistance review, members are concerned that the cuts to the Community Start Up and Maintenance benefit are making a bad situation worse. Members will hold an action in front of 370 Catherine St. (Ministry of Social and Community Services branch) on Friday, November 30th at 12PM.

Everyone is welcome to join us - there's power in numbers, so let's get members, friends, family and supporters on the street!

Check out our new short film by the Ottawa ACORN Social Assistance Committee.


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