Peel ACORN has three chapters in Peel, Ontario - Cooksville, Malton & Brampton.

Please contact the Peel ACORN office for more info on upcoming chapter meetings and actions. 647 646 8382 /  //    

Local Campaigns:

RentSafe: Peel ACORN’s longest-running campaign is RentSafe. While Mississauga has property standard by-laws, they are not properly enforced. Renters everywhere in the city are living through endless property standard violations and landlords are not being held accountable. That’s why members in Mississauga are fighting for a proactive bylaw system to enforce property standards so tenants can live in healthy and safe homes. 

In March 2021, Peel ACORN formally launched our petition and online action. Since then, thousands of Mississauga residents have supported the campaign and many have been getting involved in the campaign, some of whom joined the fight held a petitioning day—in an area in Malton where RentSafe is desperately needed—and they were very successful in collecting 76 signatures in one afternoon for RentSafe.

Inclusionary Zoning: Our most recent campaign is Inclusionary Zoning. Better late than never, the Region of Peel is finally taking the housing crisis seriously with an Inclusionary Zoning Policy (IZ). IZ is a tool that mandates a portion of all new developments be set aside as affordable housing. This is great news, but the current proposal is friendly to developers, not the people! 

The plan only sets aside 10% as affordable, some only for 25 years, and only in transit hub zones. This plan does not match the urgency of Peel's housing crisis. In a 2020 study, 80% of Peel residents said that either owning or renting is unaffordable. That’s why Peel is fighting for 20-30% set aside forever and all across Peel.

Peel ACORN member Nabeela was recently interviewed by The Toronto Star about housing affordability in Peel and the need for IZ. She worked full-time at a local food bank in Mississauga and found it nearly impossible to move into a place of her own. It wasn't until she joined ACORN in 2017, that she found out she wasn't alone and just how serious of a problem the housing crisis is in Mississauga. 
Online Actions:

Mississauga Needs RentSafe (Send message to Mississauga City Councilors)
Peel Region Needs Strong Inclusionary Zoning (Send Message to local mayor, councillors, and The Region)



The Pointer: Another piece of public land sold to developers with no affordable housing commitment; Region of Peel & Mississauga ignore ongoing crisis

Posted February 2, 2022

Late December 2021, Metrolinx, Ontario's regional transit agency, sold a 1.48-acre parking lot directly across from Port Credit Go Station, to a development group.

Peel Weekly News: Diving into the state of housing affordability in Peel Region

Posted October 22, 2021

Have we finally turned a corner when it comes to housing affordability - or is it a bridge too far? The issue of affordability has played on my mind for some quite some time, as I have watched friends and colleagues spend outside their means to gain the smallest measure of a home that fits within their budget, sacrificing much in the process.