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Statement from ACORN Canada on the ongoing protests and police violence toward and killing of Black, Indigenous and other communities of Colour in Canada and abroad

Posted June 3, 2020

Our hearts fill and bleed knowing the list of Black, Indigenous and other people of Colour killed by the Canadian police and the police in the US.  We are full of grief for their families. We stand with this fight and a never-ending commitment to fight for change that will end Canada's, the United States', and the world’s own never-ending pandemic of ardent racism.

South Ottawa Re-Organizing Drive - Elections & Action Against Timbercreek’s Herongate Redevelopment!

South Ottawa ACORN members spent February and March growing their base and organizing their neighbourhood in preparation for Timbercreek’s second application for an Official Plan Amendment (OPA) which would allow them to redevelop the entire Herongate neighbourhood.