Fair Fees - Frais équitable

Fair Banking - Our Fair Banking campaign seeks to make mainstream banking fairer, while also fighting to end predatory lending and encourage the creation of alternation banking products for low and moderate income earners. Learn more about our Fair Banking campaign here
Digital Access to Opportunities - Access to the internet has become a necessity, and the high cost of service affects access to opportunities in the job market, in school, and in many other aspects of daily life. ACORN Canada members demand $10/month high speed internet for low income families as part of our Digital Access to Opportunities campaign. Take action on closing the digital divide - sign the petition
Regulate Remittances - Remittances (sending money overseas through money transfer organizations like Western Union) and payday loans are big business in Canada, and thousands of Canadians are getting gouged by companies charging exorbitant fees for these services. ACORN Canada members work for the regulation of these fees and fairness in the remittance and payday loan industries.

Canadian Business: Cash Store at a crossroads

CB cash-store-300x199With 511 storefront locations in Canada and another 25 in the U.K., the Cash Store Financial Services Inc. is easily this country’s largest homegrown purveyor of payday loans. So when the company announced in February that it was giving up payday lending in Ontario—by far its largest market—some were understandably confused; this would be like McDonald’s giving up not just hamburgers, but food.

CFRA 580: Ottawa ACORN Offers Free Tax Clinic

A social justice group that advocates for low income Canadians is offering one of the largest free income tax preparation services in the city.

Ottawa ACORN spokesperson Basmah Osman told CFRA they will help people receive all the benefits they can from their income taxes and connect them to benefits they may not have known about.

This is the fifth year of the program. People who make less than $30,001 per year can book an appointment between February 27th and May 11th.

Last year they helped more than 780 people file their income taxes.