Surrey ACORN Members Continue the Fight for Elevator Repair

Posted August 10, 2016

BC ACORN members held a rally at 13979 104th Avenue yesterday; members and other residents living in the building have been living without the use of the elevator since a fire broke out in the maintenance room at the end of May. 
The landlords, Royal Providence Management, have been dragging their feet on the necessary elevator repairs. This is especially problematic for the elderly and disabled residents of the building, who struggle to use the stairs to get to their second and third story apartments.
ACORN is calling on the city of Surrey to enforce its Minimum Standards of Maintenance Bylaw, which mandates that landlords provide the use of a well maintained elevator. Members who have called bylaw reported that the officers taking their reports either ignored their complaints, or outright denied the bylaw exists.
ACORN members aren't stopping here. Until the provincial and municipal governments hold slumlords like Royal Providence Management accountable​, ACORN members will keep up the fight for Healthy Homes!