Strong Councillor support at Ottawa ACORN's Parade of Tenant Complaints

Ottawa ACORN

Posted May 8, 2019

Three city councillors came out to Ottawa ACORN members’ parade outside of City Hall and made firm promises to vote in favour of landlord licensing. As newly elected councillor Rawlson King said in his speech: "If you see and hear what I did when I was campaign canvassing, how can you not support landlord licensing?! I will vote for landlord licensing at every opportunity."
Councillors Catherine McKenney and Shawn Menard made the same promises and spoke with passion about the right to healthy homes, with Mckenney going as far to say, “There’s a lot of stuff that wouldn’t get done at City Hall without ACORN so thank you for holding our feet to the fire!”
Ottawa ACORN fought to get landlord licensing considered in the $300.000 City review on regulating rental accomodations. Now it is time for public consultations (coming up soon!) and ACORN members are stepping up their pressure. -We have to show up at every consultations and make sure our voices are louder than the landlords, said Blaine Cameron, action leader and City Wide Chair for Ottawa ACORN. 


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