Stop the renoviction of tenants at 25 Leduc Drive and 2 Torbolton Dr

Posted December 1, 2020

Amazing work by tenants at Leduc and Torbolton Drive on November 21 in Rexdale, fighting to stop the renoviction of their homes. Days after the new owner bought the building, he sent notices that they have to be out by March! 32 ACORN members and tenants joined outside today to stop predatory landlords from renovicting families in the middle of a pandemic.
Tenants are organized and have made it clear - we are NOT moving!
ACORN is fighting to stop renovictions in the City of Toronto by demanding:
  • No displacement policy -  PERIOD! 
  • Tenant relocation policy - if tenants have to move out, landlords must find them a new place close by, top up their rent so they don’t pay more, and major financial penalties if right to return is interfered with; and  moving costs and supports need to be paid by the landlord. 
  • Public register of tenant buyouts, monitor sale of rental buildings and inform tenant of their rights, landlord and tenant registry to track displacement. 
  • No public funds, or permit approvals, to predatory landlords


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