South Ottawa Re-Organizing Drive - Elections & Action Against Timbercreek’s Herongate Redevelopment!

Posted March 20, 2020

South Ottawa ACORN members spent February and March growing their base and organizing their neighbourhood in preparation for Timbercreek’s second application for an Official Plan Amendment (OPA) which would allow them to redevelop the entire Herongate neighbourhood. 
Members held three organizing committee meetings with their neighbours where they decided to fight for a No-Displacement Community Benefits Agreement (CBA), prioritizing the affordable housing, rental replacements and maintenance in existing and future units. 
Members launched the campaign for No-Displacement CBA at a meeting with a jam packed schedule on March 11, attended by Alta Vista Ward City Councillor Jean Cloutier who ACORN members demanded answers from on the current state of their housing (several accounted issues with mice, cockroaches, mold and even exposed asbestos) and its future. 
South Ottawa ACORN chapter elections were held, for the positions of Chair (Marie Lourdes Garnier), Co-Chair (Last Mazambani), Secretary (James Brunet), and Treasurer (Ruba Dagani).
Due to Timbercreek’s refusal to meet with ACORN, Herongate members hand-delivered their CBA demands to both the regional Ottawa Timbercreek office, and the national office in Toronto. At the national office members won a meeting on the spot with management. However, ACORN leaders Marie Lourdes Garnier and Mavis Finnamore are unsatisfied with the lack of commitment from Timbercreek, and believe that more pressure must be applied. 
Members will continue to organize through teleconferences to plan online and telephone actions, in anticipation of the next Herongate public consultation, currently planned for early April. - The FIGHT continues! 



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