Roundhouse Radio: BC Liberals implement changes to the PWD bus pass rates

Posted September 2, 2016

The BC governments move to make changes to transit funding for Persons With Disabilities is causing a heated debate.
A few dozen people took to the streets of East Vancouver this afternoon in protest of the steep increase of bus passes from 45 dollars annually to 52 dollars a month.
Tom Page, Chair of the BC ACORN Disability Rights Group, says the Liberal government needs to increase the disability rate to an adequate level.
"They need to reevaluate their voodoo economics, they need to realize that if they end poverty they're going to save money."
Melanie Mark, MLA for Vancouver Mount Pleasant, says the official opposition sees this as an ultimatum based on a very vulnerable population.
"I'm here to stand in solidarity with the people, just to show that this callousness from the Christy Clark Government, people have had enough."
She says there is a serious need for a poverty reduction strategy that looks at housing, education, and childcare, because it's not just about raising the rates.
Article by Krystle Landert for Roundhouse Radio