Fair Fees

Pandemic & High-Cost Loans: Impact on Low- and Moderate-Income People

Posted March 31, 2022

This report outlines how predatory lenders descended on moderate income communities hurt by the pandemic. While the pandemic had a devastating impact on low- and moderate- income communities, the government and banks left people in this global health and financial crisis with no choice but to go to predatory lenders such as Easy Financial, Money Mart, Cash 4 You, Cash Money and more who were deemed “essential” during the heart of the pandemic. The report is based on an online survey ACORN conducted to explore how the pandemic affected the use of high interest predatory loans, both payday loans and installment loans. 

INDU report on Accessibility and Affordability of Telecom Services

Posted on July 8, 2021

This is the report by the House of Commons Committee on Industry Science and Technology on Affordability and Accessibility of Telecom Services. It covers the demands put forth by ACORN members including the provision of a Canada broadband benefit and expansion of the Connecting Families Program. Ray Noyes, ACORN leader from Ottawa presented the demands to the committee.