Raise the Housing Allowance or We'll Have to Live in a Box - Ottawa ACORN members

Posted March 19, 2015

28 Members of Ottawa ACORN rallied at the Human Rights Monument at Elgin St and Lisgar St. on Wednesday, March 18 to fight for an increase in the housing allowance for social assistance recipients. Members built "condos" boxes to show rents are not affordable for those living on social assistance. Members like Ray Noyes and Curtis Bulatovitch pay market rent while receiving ODSP and are barely to make ends meet each month, since the housing allowance is only $479. Curtis is on the wait-list for social housing and has no choice but to find the most affordable apartment.

Members want an emergency infusion to increase the allowance at 20% but ultimately want the province to address the income disparity for social assistance recipients since the Harris years. Since the Liberals have been in power there has only been a small cost of living increase of 1% each year while rents have gone up at an alarming rate in the past 11 years.


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