Provincial budget cuts to child care to have significant implications for Toronto

Posted on October 29, 2019
A recent article by CBC says that the provincial cuts announced earlier that were to come into effect starting 2020 will now be down to 2-5 million but the province will continue with $15 million in annual reductions to low-income child-care subsidies starting in 2021. As a result of this loss in funding, as the City report mentions, there could be a reduction of approximately 760 child care fee subsidies. The City already has more than 17,000 children on the waiting list for subsidized child-care. At a time when we need more provincial support and funding, the Ford Government is going ahead with drastic cuts!
ACORN members have been fighting for affordable childcare. Canada needs an affordable child care plan for all. We need affordable, accessible, high quality child care NOW!
ACORN members in their federal platform had demanded:
  • making child care affordable by - a geared to income sliding fee scale capped at $10/day;
  • increase operational funding for public and non-profit child care centres;
  • $1 billion for child care transfers to the provinces/territories in the first federal budget following the 2019 federal election; 
  • an additional $1 billion each year to make affordable, quality and inclusive early learning and child care a reality for all families by 2030; and
  • an early childhood education workforce strategy to make possible the provision of high quality services.
We need affordable and universal childcare!



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