The Province: Fed-up tenants plan rally to air complaints

Tenants of an East Vancouver building are so unhappy with conditions in their rental complex they are staging a rally Monday outside the apartment.
The B.C. Acorn Tenant Union is behind the rally, which will be held at 12:15 p.m. at 3683 East Hastings Street near Boundary Road.
A fire previously damaged the building but its owner, numbered company 353806 BC LTD, which has an office on Homer Street, renovated and began renting out suites earlier this year.
Tenant Kirstie Rapley, 21, calls the situation in the building "a gong show every day."
She pays $950 for a one-bedroom suite. When she moved in it was still covered in drywall dust and her stove was incorrectly wired.
Several months after she moved in, Rapley said, a city official knocked on her door and explained the building didn't have an occupancy permit and shouldn't have been rented.
But like many other tenants in the approximately 60 suites, she has a pet and was finding it tough to get a place.
The rally is a way to publicize the problems.
"I hope it puts pressure on the city and the landlord and the Residential Tenancy people," said Rapley.
Building manager Paul Hudson has a different view of the situation.
"The problems have been solved," Hudson said Sunday. "They weren't problems, they just hadn't been completed." "As far as I'm concerned the city inspector has checked over the building. People are allowed to live in the building. Anything further than that, I have no more comment."
Article by Frank Luba for The Province