Protecting Affordable Housing in Toronto

Toronto ACORN Housing

Posted November 22, 2019

On Wednesday November 20th, a dozen ACORN members joined tenants from across Toronto to demand the city do more to protect tenants, protect their homes and protect affordable housing.
Members from Scarborough, East York, St. Jamestown and Etobicoke reported on what they had heard at their local ACORN meetings - and it was grim. Renovictions, tenant buyouts, massive rent increases, illegal eviction notices and landlords ignoring repairs to get tenants to leave.
There were 50 deputants to the commitee, 8 of whom were ACORN members. The broad message was there should be no displacements, no permits for renovictors, enforcement of property standards and enforcement of these rules by the City because Doug Ford is owned by developers.
ACORN members pushed Toronto city councillors to look at the work being done in Burnaby & New Westminster in BC, where policies with teeth are have been created.
Turnout was huge which shows that protecting affordable housing is an issue that is felt across the city. We need to organize and fight back against predatory lenders, because this is our city not the developers.



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