Perspectives Vanier: ACORN Would Like Minimum Wage to Increase

The Vanier ACORN chapter is currently running a campaign to promote a living wage for all employees in our community and throughout Ontario: $14/hour now indexed to inflation.

Ontario's minimum wage was frozen in March 2010. Prices are going up while wages stay the same. Between 2010 and 2013, the cost of essentials has gone up. 

"Raising the minimum wage will put more money into the hands of low income individuals and families who will then spend that money in local economies and businesses. We believe that a strong minimum wage can boost our economy. Consumer spending is the engine that powers our domestic economy. Household spending drives 54% of our gross domestic product. So let's help Ontario's economic recovery by increasing the minimum wage," said Ria Rinne, Chair of Vanier Acorn Chapter.

"We have staged events in September, in front of the Montreal Road Tim Hortons, for instance. We have also met with our MPP Madeleine Meilleur. We plan on keeping the pressure on this issue. We believe strongly that minimum wage should increase. You can learn more about our campaign at or reach us by phone at 613 746-5999," added Ria Rinne.


Original article: Perspectives Vanier (page 14)