Payday Lending & Remittances

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Blackburn News: Survey finds pandemic forces more families to resort to high cost loans

Posted March 28, 2022

A new report from ACORN Canada has found the pandemic forced a lot of families to take a high-cost loan specifically because of the pandemic.

ACORN reported that 440 people took their survey, and 113 respondents reported they had to resort to pay day lenders and pay high interest rates to access the money.

Briarpatch: The debt engine

Posted March 3, 2022

“All I did was cry,” says Kathleen Miller-Zane. She’s retelling the story of realizing her loan from easyfinancial was more than she bargained for. After thumbing through her contract, she found out her initial $5,000 loan would eventually cost her $3,500 in interest – $8,500 in all. “Here I am crying away,” she says. “I can’t believe I’m so stupid. What did I do?”

Capital Current: Ottawa anti-poverty group leads Vanier rally calling for government to ‘criminalize’ high-interest lending

Posted January 11, 2022

On a sunny afternoon in Vanier, red flags waved and chanting could be heard in the parking lot of a strip mall on Donald Street. A crowd of 20 people answered a voice from a megaphone: “What do we want? Fair banking! When do we want it? NOW!“