Payday Lending & Remittances

Learn more about ACORN Canada's groundbreaking campaigns regulate payday lending and international remittances and money transfers.

ACORN's first read on Budget 2019: Almost $23 billion in new spending, but low and moderate income Canadians underwhelmed

ACORN members, hoping for bold action to tackle the affordability crisis sweeping across many Canadian cities, were feeling underwhelmed as the federal government tabled Budget 2019, their last budget before the election in October. 

“Go Away , We Won’t Pay!” Vanier Anti-Predatory Lending Rally! * “Pas un de plus!” Rassemblement de Vanier contre les prêts prédateurs !

Ottawa ACORN Vanier Payday Loans

ACORN members here in Ottawa and across the country are calling for REAL alternatives to payday lenders from ALL levels of government. * Les membres d'ACORN, ici à Ottawa et partout au pays, réclament de VRAIES alternatives aux prêteurs sur salaire de tous les paliers de gouvernement.