Ottawa Sun: Minimum wage not enough, panel told

Financially speaking, Diane Rochon says she had a better quality of life when she was the age of her two daughters than they do now.
A big part of that, she said, is minimum wage being stuck at $10.25 an hour, something many hope to change by pleading their case to Ontario's recently-formed minimum wage review panel. Ottawa was the final stop Thursday for the panel before it creates and presents a report to the government in December.
"People cannot live on $10.25 any longer," said Rochon, a member of the board of directors for Ottawa Accorn, a group helping low and moderate income residents take on important social issues.
As for her daughters, "they're struggling where I wasn't at their age, financially."
"There's something wrong here."
The Ottawa Servers' Association Mike Vorobej wants minimum wage to stop being a "political football to be kicked around."
"We'd like to see (an) automatic process ... where they set a new minimum wage, hopefully above the poverty line, and then it's like to the (Consumer Price Index)."
Ontario Labour Minister Yasir Naqvi told the Sun Thursday he's looking forward to reading the panel's report.
"We want to make sure that we are putting a system in place that, one, takes politics out of determining minimum wage," he said, adding the government wants to create a system "which is fair for Ontarians who live on minimum wage and predictable for businesses that create jobs in our economy."
Article by Chris Hofley for the Ottawa Sun