Ottawa Metro: Hull residents fighting for grocery store with petition

Posted January 24, 2016

Residents in Hull are bringing a petition to their city council on Tuesday asking that securing a grocery store in the area remains a priority.
An organization called Épicerie de l'Île de Hull coop de solidarité is working with advocacy group ACORN and local residents to promote the issue.
On Tuesday the group is delivering a petition to city councillors and the mayor asking for a commitment that the $300,000 fund for the project will remain set aside for a grocery store.
Area Coun. Denise Laferrière told Metro in November that she wasn’t planning on immediately reassigning the money, but did want to consult the community to see if the 10-year-old plan for the grocery store was still a priority.
Alternative projects could include the restoration of a fountain, tree planting or upgrades to recreational facilities and the community centre.
A public consultation was held in November, but Gatineau ACORN organizers say their membership is concerned about the process and want the mayor to acknowledge the debate.
Article by Haley Ritchie for Metro News Ottawa