Ottawa ACORN: Wins Council Vote For Appliance By-Law Sept. 19 2013

Ottawa ACORN members stuck it out for three and half hours yesterday at the Community and Protective Services Committee at city hall to ensure our by-law passed. It was a unanimous committee vote. Our by-law is to ensure landlords maintain appliances provided for tenants such as fridges, stoves, laundry facilities, etc. The decision will go to a full council vote (date TBA). Leaders Sadio Ali, Amina Hassan and Blaine Cameron did a great job explaining the by-law and demonstrating the issue.

We filled the committee chambers with over 50 members and in addition supporters. Members who stayed for however long they could or the whole time demonstrated to the city that we are a strong force, and councilors referenced our commitment and seriousness on several occasions. Thank you for making the sacrifice to stay! You did great!