Ottawa ACORN Upcoming Events

Healthy Homes
Mark your calendars! Ottawa ACORN Healthy Homes Forum - Tuesday, March 5, 6pm at 2525 Alta Vista (St. Patrick's High School, in the cafeteria). Hear about changes we've won from the city, participate in a public discussion on Healthy Homes for Ottawa and meet city by-law and councillors engaged in the campaign.

For over six months, leaders and board members have met with city by-law and councillors to bring them on board with the campaign. City By-Law, with the inclusion of the Mayor's office and Councillor Mark Taylor, head of the Community and Protective Services Committee, are moving forward to make these changes recommended by ACORN:

-Mass proactive inspections of properties and public reports on the conditions. This will take several months and happen all over the city in neighborhoods such as Vanier, South Ottawa, Britannia, Overbrook, Mechanicsville, Centretown and more. Our board identified a list of buildings/complexes where we know that property standards need to be addressed. If you would like to participate in the program, please let the local office know.

The first sets of inspections are: Friday March 1 of 2851/2861 Baycrest; Thursday, March 7 2850/2870 Cedarwood; Thursday, March 14, Sandalwood row houses.
-After a city inspection, post outstanding work orders on apartment buildings/complexes from city inspections (in common areas, by elevators, etc.), much like a restaurant
-The creation of a new city inspection form which will have pictures of a sample apartment, so no matter what language you speak you can see the inspection form and keep a carbon copy directly after the inspection from the city. Tenants can choose to sign off on the form if they want city by-law to follow up with them after the inspection with an official copy of the Order form issued to the landlord.

By-Law We Want the City to Enact:

-There is no by-law to protect tenants’ appliances such as fridges, stoves, or other appliances in the unit. The city should enact a by-law that says landlords must repair and maintain appliances in residential apartments.

Programs and Services: