Ottawa ACORN to the Province: Don't Hang us out to Dry

ACORN members from across Ottawa will be holding a press event at City Hall displaying a clothesline of work orders that remain outstanding in Ottawa Community Housing.  ACORN members will be asking that the city come with them to the province to upload public housing costs.  ACORN members are tired of being “hung out to dry” given the state of disrepair in OCH.

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Erin Albright, an ACORN member, feels “we deserve housing that meets minimum standards, unfortunately, OCH and our city councilors tell us that it will take approximately $600 million dollars to bring our homes up to that standard.” ACORN members like Erin have

worked hard to collect testimonies from tenants in OCH to show to the province and the city that OCH tenants can no long be “hung out to dry”—with the state of disrepair that remains in OCH across the city. Erin states: “many tenants feel like we have been forgotten.”

ACORN members will be asking the City to go with them to the province to attain $25 million in mold remediation and $600 million over 4 years to bring public housing up to code.