Ottawa ACORN Launches Living Wage Campaign

ACORN Canada is launching a living wage campaign in Ottawa.

According to the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives (CCPA), 19.2%, or almost 1 in 5, Canadian workers earn less than $10 an hour.

While raising the minimum wage is essential to restoring the country’s wage floor, it is a solution that Canada’s provinces have failed to adequately deliver on.

In the meantime, we believe another model of wage campaign – the living wage – has the potential to result in momentum-building policy victories and provides a great opportunity to change the public debate about poverty in our country.

A municipal Living Wage policy ensures that workers employed by the city as well as those contracted using municipal funds will be paid at least across the board floor level wages.

To win this campaign we’re going to need your help.

To contribute $15, $30, $50 or whatever you can afford to support the organizing around the campaign click the donate button to the right >>

Thanks in advance for your support.  We can’t do this without you