Ottawa ACORN Defends Sleepwell Tenants’ Home from Eviction

Posted January 27, 2021

Members aren’t just going to sit back and watch as Sleepwell unjustly evicts ACORN member Darin Loewy from his home of 17 years! They came together at our rally yesterday to fight back! 
Sleepwell has filed for Darin’s eviction based on a false claim that he refused two cockroach fumigations, which is NOT true. In fact, Darin has actually had two fumigations since he supposedly refused. 
So why would Sleepwell go out of their way to evict a tenant with severe health problems during a pandemic? Sleepwell wants Darin out so that they can jack up the rent for the next tenant. With vacancy decontrol, landlords are incentivized to kick out long term tenants like Darin who is paying less than $900/month for a one bedroom apartment off Rideau St - something he can afford on Ontario Disability. 
ACORN members even spread the word today by door knocking Darin’s building and street petitioning, gathering support for Darin’s eviction defense and ACORN’s provincial demands to strengthen the eviction moratorium and bring in REAL rent control through vacancy control. 
The VP of Sleepwell had agreed to meet with Darin to verify in person that he’d been cooperating with the cockroach fumigations but he didn’t even show up! It’s time to hold Sleepwell accountable!
Sleepwell? More like SleepHELL! 
Want to support ACORN’s fight against Darin’s eviction? Send an email to Sleepwell here.
Want to support the campaign for No COVID Evictions? Add your name to the online action here.
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