Ontario Lobby Day! Stop Predatory Lending?! Support Healthy Homes!?

Posted December 3, 2015

On Monday, November 30th 2015, ACORN leaders from across Ontario came together to meet with the provincial government and opposition parties to voice the importance of Ontario ACORN’s Provincial Campaigns.  
These campaigns included: Stop-Predatory Lending; Healthy Homes Now; Support Inclusionary Housing; End the Child Support Claw-back; Raise the Housing Allowance; and Remove the $35 fee for the Ontario Photo ID Card!
ACORN leaders met:  
The Chief of Staff with the Ministry of Consumer Services; 
The Chief of Staff with the Ministry of Housing and Municipal Affairs;
The Minister of Community and Social Services
Thee MPPs with the NDP caucus - Cheri Dinovo, Catherine Fife, and Percy Hatfield, as well as staff from other NDP MPP offices. 
At the debrief with ACORN leaders and members after the meeting the conclusion was that we need to keep the pressure on the Liberal government if we want to see any results. Results by campaign and political party below.